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        Retail&Consumer Goods

        Retail and Consumer Products are most relevant to our daily lives. Everywhere we shop (online or offline), consume or use, we have the tireless efforts of our logistics people.

        Learn how oTMS helps make retail and consumer logistics easier!

        Industry insight

        1.? Mature industry focused on efficient supply chain with relatively standardized packaging & processes are good foundation for digitization.

        2. Fast paced, rapidly evolving consumer buying behavior, emergence of new distribution channels, puts a lot of pressure on supply chain that need to deal with smaller and more frequent orders and deliver to wider areas at lower cost. Fast response and execution sets winners apart from the rest in this highly competitive industry.

        3. Large business volume. Based on the huge consumer population, the volume of retail and consumer goods has always accounted for a large share of the Chinese goods market.

        4. Agile supply chain is gradually popular. The replenishment frequency is increasing and cargo volume of each order is decreasing.




        oTMS Solution

        oTMS Unique Value

        1. Customer experience in traditional distribution channels can meet and even exceed B2C ecommerce standards

        2. Continuous optimization, cost reduction and increasing efficiency

        3. Exception alerts greatly accelerate the response to (potentially) abnormal events

        4 100% accurate freight billing can be confirmed within a single day

        5. Strengthen shipment control and carrier process compliance

        6. Shipper collaboration: synchronize transport flows to take the cost, congestion, CO2 emissons out of the system

        7. Effective data capture, in-depth data insight

        8. SaaS - low investment, high return, permanent free upgrades

        9. oTMS platform approach - industry best practices

        Case study

        Dock Appointment

        Angel Yeast

        In addition to system tools, oTMS creates greater value by providing comprehensive promotional services tailored to meet different needs.

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        Dock Appointment

        Panasonic Corporation

        Panasonic realizes real-time data sharing with 16 partnering third-party logistics companies.

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        Dock Appointment


        By incorporating a solution from oTMS, Jzez100.com has taken a major step forward towards achieving informatization.

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        Dock Appointment


        Order will automatically match regional carriers, and carriers will execute transport
        plan on oneTMS.

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