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        Shanghai Pharmaceuticals


        Shanghai Pharmaceuticals

        Client Introduction

        Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Holding Co., Ltd. (originally Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.) is one of the most competitive pharmaceutical management companies with the widest network in China. With pharmaceutical product distribution as its foundation, the company has successfully developed numerous retail chains, entered modern logistics, and steadily built a network of distribution channels.

        Project Overview:

        The choice to adopt the oTMS SaaS model was an innovative choice made by Shanghai Pharmaceuticals to manage its transport services. The system covers intra-city delivery and multiple transport modes including trunk line transport, express delivery, rail, etc. oTMS helped Shanghai Pharmaceuticals improve in-transit visualization, reinforce downstream carrier coordination and control, and increase customer satisfaction.


        Before adopting the solution from oTMS, Shanghai Pharmaceuticals used traditional TMS to manage internal transport procedures. However, traditional TMS focused on internal company processes and did not offer full-process transport control or sufficient coordination between upstream and downstream enterprises.

        After implementing the solution from oTMS:

        1. Full end-to-end visualization of intra-city deliveries. The oTMS Truck Tracker app for the company’s drivers helps manage deliveries by standardizing operating procedures and enabling real-time oversight of delivery information for key nodes.

        2. Full coordination between upstream and downstream operations. The system automatically collects in-transit information from upstream and downstream carriers for centralized management, thereby guaranteeing the accuracy and reliability of the data.

        3. Management of multiple transport methods. Various delivery methods include intra-city delivery, trunk line transport, regional distribution, express delivery, rail, etc.

        As a large state-owned pharmaceutical distributor, Shanghai Pharmaceuticals joined together with oTMS to establish a stable strategic partnership which has continued to strengthen, expanding from the initial intra-city delivery service to now include various regional transport management services. In 2017, the partnership was also extended to include pharmaceutical O2O services (via Shanghai Medical Health Cloud)

        丹麥綾致時裝(Bestseller),在中國經營ONLY、Vero Moda、Selected和Jack Jones等服裝品牌,業務量龐大。它于2013年1月成為服裝行業吃螃蟹的人——采用中國創業公司oTMS提供的SaaS(軟件即服務)服務,來管理自己的物流鏈條。

        丹麥綾致時裝(Bestseller),在中國經營ONLY、Vero Moda、Selected和Jack Jones等服裝品牌,業務量龐大。它于2013年1月成為服裝行業吃螃蟹的人——采用中國創業公司oTMS提供的SaaS(軟件即服務)服務,來管理自己的物流鏈條。