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        Join Us

        Grow with oTMS

        When it comes to software-as-a-service (SaaS), nobody knows logistics like we do. And when it comes to logistics, we do SaaS best. Our team is headed by a leader who played a pivotal role in the development of China’s domestic logistics market for more than a decade. But that’s only the beginning. Our team members have scored big by delivering solutions ranging from IT applications, sales, and product development to some of the biggest software companies in the world.

        In the four years since our founding, oTMS has grown by leaps and bounds, and we now have over 200 associates under one roof. Everyone works hard together to Make A Difference and fulfill our primary mission — to Make Transport Simple!

        Diversified team and open culture

        We welcome talents from all industries, and we encourage communication and sharing of information. Join us if you want to Make a Difference to this industry and your life!

        Career development program

        We offer a variety of training resources as well as short and long-term development plans (oShield Program). Let us become A-player talents.

        Competitive company benefits

        Paid vacations, business healthcare insurance, flexible hours, annual trips, premium physical examinations + dental scaling, and restaurant discount offers...


        Opening Positions:

        Solution Manager
        Carrier Network Development Manager


        Opening Positions:

        Implementation Consultant
        Implementation Manager
        Customer Service Specialist


        Opening Positions:

        Sales Executive Sales Executive (SH\BJ\GZ\CD)
        Sales Manager(SH\BJ\GZ\CD)


        Opening Positions:

        Front End Engineer(Mid)
        Front End Engineer(Senior)