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        About Us

        About oTMS
        oTMS is commited to Make Transport Smart by creating an innovative transport ecosystem.
        In addition to providing China’s leading SaaS transport management system — oneTMS, which boasts the largest market share in China — oTMS offers outsourcing service Orange which aim to provides instant savings and digitization.
        oTMS Vision
        Make A Difference
        Make a difference in the world by transforming supply chains that revolutionize business and deliver value to society.
        oTMS Mission
        Make Transport Smart
        Make transport smart by creating an ecosystem of technology and services that enable data-driven and connected supply chains.


        Product design and development
        260,000 annual shipments
        Received angel round investment from PurpleSky Capital
        oTMS was officially established
        Shipments volume exceeds 4 million; PC and mobile business grows by a factor of 10
        Received US$6 million in series A round financing
        12 million annual shipments and 350+ active customers
        1.5 million shipments processed on 11/11, China’s ecommerce Black Friday
        Received US$10 million in series A+ round financing
        32 million annual shipments, 1,500+ active customers
        Received US$25 million in series B round financing
        60 million annual shipments
        Named a “Notable Vendor” in the Gartner 2017 TMS Magic Quadrant, the only Chinese company included on the list

        Team Introduction

        Mirek Dabrowski

        Co-founder and CEO

        David Duan


        Filip Dragowski

        Vice President, Engineering

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